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Nilfisk C120.3-6 PAD Power Washers / Pressure Washers


Nilfisk C120.3-6 PAD Power Washers / Pressure Washer:

The Nilfisk C120.3-6 PAD Power Washer / Pressure Washer has all the the same feature as the C120.3-6 but comes complete with Patio Cleaner, Car Brush, & Drain Hose accessories as standard.
It is compact & light weight which makes it easy to move around & store. It has a machine mounted hose reel & a reliable 120 bar metal pump with an automatic start / stop function. Quick assembly due to quick coupling between gun & lance, & easy to use Click & Clean accessories.

Special Features Include:

  • Reliable metal pump
  • Quick coupling between hose & pistol
  • Click & Clean for quick change between accessories
  • Automatic start / stop function
  • Patio Cleaner, Auto Brush, & Drain Hose
  • Foam sprayer, Tornado & Powerspeed nozzles
  • Easy storage of cable, hoses, pistol & various nozzles
  • Wheeled trolley


Nilfisk C120 storage for cable, hose, & accessoriesNilfisk C120 click & clean accessoriesNilfisk C120 metal pumpNilfisk C120 washing a car with foam bottle

1. Cable, hose, & accessories storage
2. Click&Clean quick change between accessories
3. Reliable metal pump
4. Car washing using foam sprayer


Technical Data

Pump pressure 120 bar - 1740 psi
Water flow 7.3 l/min - 440 l/hr
Maximum inlet temperature 40 C
Weight 16 kg
High pressure hose lenght 6 m
Dimensions 319 x 366 x 854 mm
Noise level dbA
Power cable length 5 M

Standard Accessories

6m Reel mounted QRC hose
Wheeled trolley
Quick release pistol
Click&Clean lance
Click&Clean foam sprayer
Click&Clean tornado nozzle
Click&Clean powerspeed nozzle

Special Accessories

Patio cleaner
Extension pressure hose
Drain hose & nozzle
Pond suction kit
Sand blasting kit
Under chassis/gutter lance
Rotary brush cleaner
Auto brush with squeegee

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