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Aquaclean TR 7 Steam & Vacuum Cleaner


Product Overview Aquaclean TR7 Steam/Vacuum Cleaner:


The Aquaclean TR7 is a light industrial steam & vacuum cleaner also suitable for domestic use especially where dust allergies are an issue. This is a unique steam & vacuum cleaning machine with continuous refilling. The exclusive "VAP FILTER", a pipe sprayed with 152ºC of continuous steam catches even the smallest particles of pollen, mites and microdust, often responsible for serious respiratory aliments, and perfectly purifies the exhausted air. The TR7 Pro uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, so we can say without exception that the TR7 Pro is an extremely environmentally friendly machine.

Where to use Steam Cleaning:
Hospitals & nursing homes, GP's & Dentists, contract cleaners, supermarkets & delis, restaurants & kitchens, hotels & bed breakfasts, pharmacuetical, meat plants & bakeries, fitness centres & gymnasiums, car cleaning, schools & creches, & much, much more!!!

What to Steam Clean:
Ovens, grills, microwaves, deep fat fryers, fridges, defrost freezers, stainless steel counters / canopies & fittings, tiles & grouting, hard floors & walls, carpets & upholstery, mattresses, shower & toilet areas, exercise equipment, windows & mirrors, cars (engines,body, wheels, trim, interior), chewing gum removal, parts & machinery, conveyor belts, & much,more!!!

Special Features Include:

  • Combined steam & vacuum cleaner with air purifier function
    Short heating time due to a powerful 2350 kw stainless steel boiler
  • High steam pressure makes them very efficient
  • Easy to use, button controls for steam & or vacuum
  • Fulfills all standards and it is very safe to use
  • Large set of cleaning accessories as standard



1. Unique design TR7 steam & vacuum cleaner
2. Large selection of steam cleaning accessories standard
3. Optional machine & accessories trolley


Technical Data

Heating capacity 2350 watts (230 v)
Vacuum power 1200 watts
Max steam pressure 5 bar
Max steam temperature 152 C
Heating up time 3 min
Boiler capacity 1litre
Water tank capacity 1.5 litre
Chemical tank capacity n/a
Vacuum bucket capacity 1.4 litre
Continuous filling yes
Steam hose lenght 3 Meter
Weight 11 Kg
Dimensions 480 x 350 x 320 mm

Standard Accessories

3m Steam & vacuum hose
2 x steam & vacuum tube
Steam & vacuum lance/nozzle
Steam & vacuum glass cleaner
Floor tool with changeable heads
Vacuum crevice nozzle
25mm steam detail brush plastic
25mm steam detail brush brass
50mm steam detail brush plastic

Special Accessories

25mm detail brush plastic
25mm detail brush brass
25mm detail brush stainless steel
50mm detail brush plastic

Contact Us for Pricing

AquaClean Specialty Services,
Unit 26, Block 613,
Greenogue Business Park,
Co. Dublin.

Tel: (+353 1) 4016970,
Fax: (+353 1) 2573427,
Email: info@aquaclean.ie

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