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Aquaclean Power Wash Vehicle Degreaser & Sanitiser


Product: Aquaclean Power Wash Vehicle Degreaser & Sanitiser


Aquaclean Power Wash Vehicle Degreaser & Sanitiser was developed for cleaning transport vehicles in the food industry, this is a concentrated, heavy duty detergent for cleaning and sanitising. It contains a highly effective germicide which kills a wide range of bacteria including listeria, salmonella, E-Coli, MRSA etc. it is also fungicidal, algaecidal and virucidal. It is safe to use on metals, plastics, enamel, ceramics and other washable surfaces. Excellent for removing grease, oil, road film and dirt. Formulated for use on both exterior and interior of vans, lorries, fridges, curtain-siders etc

Special Features:
  • Odourless and food safe - Ideal for use in food environments
  • Contains a highly effective quaternary germicide
  • Bactericidal to EN 1040, EN 1276 and EN 13697
  • Fungicidal to EN 1650 and EN 1275
  • Concentrated formula - Economical to use
  • Biodegradeable

Direction For Use:
To clean and disinfect heavily soiled surfaces apply a solution of up to 1:100 by spraying, mopping, brushing or through a pressure washer. Always allow 5-10 minutes contact time before rinsing. For lighter cleaning dilute up to 1:200 with water. When using as a sanitiser after degreasing dilute 1:200 with water and spray over surface. Leave to air dry. 

Test Data:

Escherichia Coil EN 1276 1:100   /   15 min
Pseudemonas Aeruginosa EN 1040 1:500   /   5 min
Staphylococcus Aureus EN 1276 1:100   /   5 min
Enterococcus Hirae EN 1276 1:100   /   5 min
Salmonella DGHM 1:100   /   5 min
Candida Albicans EN 1650 1:100   /   15 min
Avian Influenza Virus EN 14476 1:100   /   10 min
Canine Parvovirus Microbiotest 1:17   /   10 min
Newcastle Disease DVC 1:17   /   120 min
Prices & Quantities:
Product Code: Size: Price:
AQ1818/1 1 litre
AQ1818/1x12 12 x 1 litre
AQ1818/5 5 litre
AQ1818/5x4 4 x 5 litre
AQ1818/20 20 litre
AQ1818/200 200 litre
AQ1818/1000 1000 litre

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