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Aquaclean Showroom Finish Car Polish


Product: Aquaclean Showroom Finish Car Polish


Aquaclean Showroom Finish Car Polish is the ultimate in high gloss car polish. It is easy & quick to apply, allows a car to be polished from front to back in around 20 minutes. Specially formulated without the need for powders it eliminates the problems of white bumpers and trims normally associated with conventional polishes. In fact it was designed to be used on all external surfaces - paintwork, bumpers, trims, glass, chrome, plastic, etc. You will be amazed, not only, at the depth of shine but also how long it lasts. Contains a blend of special silicones and carnauba wax. Polishing should be painless, so no more sore arms & muscles. No more... having to apply & leave for 1 hour, then buff off, no more having to remove the white resides left on the trims. Simply apply to a panel, spread evenly, leave for a few seconds & polish to a high shine.

Special Features:
  • A deep gloss finish which protects and enhances
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Use on all external surfaces
  • Removes residues of insects and bird lime
  • No dusting problems
  • No white residues on trims and bumpers
  • No sore arms and muscles
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance

Direction For Use:
Spray or wipe onto surface with a clean microfibre cloth. Apply to small sections at a time. Leave for around 1 minute and buff to a high shine. Use on all external surfaces including windows (advisable not to use on windscreens)


Prices & Quantities:

Product Code: Size: Price:
AQ1920/1 1 litre
AQ1920/1x12 12 x 1 litre
AQ1920/5 5 litre
AQ1920/5x4 4 x 5 litre
AQ1920/20 20 litre
AQ1920/200 200 litre
AQ1920/1000 1000 litre

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