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Product: Aquaclean Silicon Free Car Polish


Aquaclean Silicon Free Car Polish is a super high gloss car polish based solely on carnauba wax. This product is free from all silicones & silicone resins. It is safe to use in workshops where paint spraying is carried out. It is easy & quick to apply and allows a car to be polished from front to back in around 20 minutes. Specially formulated without the need for powders it eliminates the problems of white bumpers & trims normally associated with conventional polishes. In fact it was designed to be used on all external surfaces - paintwork, bumpers, trims, glass, chrome, plastic, etc. You will be amazed, not only, at the depth of shine but also how long it lasts. Polishing should be painless, so no more sore arms & muscles. No more... having to apply & leave for 1 hour, then buff off, no more having to remove the white resides left on the trims. Simply apply to a panel, spread evenly, leave for a few seconds & polish to a high shine.

Special Features:
  • A deep gloss finish which protects and enhances
  • Contains no silicones
  • Use on all external surfaces
  • Removes residues of insects and bird lime
  • No dusting problems
  • No white residues on trims and bumpers
  • No sore arms and muscles
  • Pleasant vanilla fragrance

Direction For Use:
Spray or wipe onto surface with a clean microfibre cloth. Apply to small sections at a time. Leave for around 1 minute and buff to a high shine. Use on all external surfaces including windows (advisable not to use on windscreens)


Prices & Quantities:

Product Code: Size: Price:
AQ1922/1 1 litre
AQ1922/1x12 12 x 1 litre
AQ1922/5 5 litre
AQ1922/5x4 4 x 5 litre
AQ1922/20 20 litre
AQ1922/200 200 litre
AQ1922/1000 1000 litre

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